Sunday, February 27, 2011

4th week of Training

Monday-  Ran an easy 2 miles.
Tuesday- Started Insanity workouts again. It has been almost a year since I had done one and boy did it feel good to get back into it. Finished it off with a good 20 minute ab workout.
Wednesday- Work and school all day equals rest day.
Thursday- Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps strength training followed by 3 mile treadmill run.

Friday- Rest Day
Saturday- Ran 5 miles with the TNT group and everyone did a great job. I can see everyone improving daily. We also started a weight loss challenge today!!! Will keep everyone up to date on my progress!!!
Sunday- Another Rest Day due to not feeling the best!!! Back at it hard next week!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

3rd Week of Training

Monday- P90x Chest & Back Workout

Tuesday- Got out early in the morning and ran 4 miles in some nasty wet weather at a pace of 10:34/mile.

Wednesday- Had our team practice at Clemen's HS. We were on the track and ran sprints on the straight aways and jogged the curves where we ran a total of about 2.5 miles approx.

Thursday- P90x Shoulders, Biceps, & Triceps

Friday- Rest day

Saturday- We had everyone from TNT at this Saturday practice in Cibolo. Our honored heros were out with us which was some great motivation and they did not leave until the last person finished. All marathon runners ran between 3 to 4 miles and the triathlon and cycle teams rode 26 and 36 miles followed by a 30 minute run.

We were separated into interval groups and I was in the run 5 minutes/walk 1 minute group. I was joined by 5 others and ran a great run in some nasty misty rain. Everyone was soaked when we returned. Again due to training for the Dallas half marathon in 5 weeks, I ran an additional 3 miles with Stephanie who will run next week at Disney. Good luck Steph and Jackie next weekend!!!

Sunday- Did a Chest & Back Workout and P90X Ab Ripper X.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2nd Week of Training

Log for Week of Feb 7- Feb 13

Monday- I did a 40 minute Yoga workout to help stretch out the soreness from the previous day of our 10 mile run in New Braunfels.

Tuesday - Chest and Back Strength Training....P90X Ab Ripper X....finished off with a 3 mile treadmill run.

Wednesday - I went to TNT practice tonight at Clemens HS and man was it cold. It was 32 degrees but had a great turnout with about 15 brave soles turning out. We began learning some fundamentals to running and learning to try to take 180 steps per minute. The closet I got was 168.

Thursday - Went to the gym and did a shoulder, triceps, and biceps workout.

Friday - Rest Day!!!!

Saturday - 2nd weekend practice went great. We did a timed 3 mile run to do better training in the future based off of our projected pace. Finished a 3 mile run in 29:02. Everyone finished strong and there were a lot of new people that joined our team today. After practice, 6 of us that are also training for other races in the near future did an additional 5 mile run. I mapped out the course and did not realize what I had done...hills, hills, hills.....and more hills. Everyone paced together and I can feel myself getting stronger and able to run further without as much fatigue.

Sunday - Ab Workout and Yoga!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1st Week of Training Complete

Log for the week of Jan 31st - Feb 6th

The first week of training was this week for the San Diego Marathon with TNT to help fight cancer. This was an odd week of training due to the extremely cold temperatures and having to do a lot of training indoors.

Money raised to fight cancer as of Feb 6th = $195.00 

Monday - Ran 3 miles

Tuesday - Did a P90x workout (Shoulders, triceps, biceps)

Wednesday - Busy day at the fire station

Thrusday - Did a P90x workout (Chest & Back)

Friday - SNOW DAY - Enjoyed the day off with my wife!!!

Saturday - 1st Team Practice!! Wow this is going to be a great season!!! I ran 2.46 miles in 26:30 using a 4 minute run to 1 minute walk interval. This was a pretty comfortable pace for me and was right on with my goal pace for the marathon.

Sunday - Ran 10 miles in 1:47 in New Braunfels running from Landa Park through Gruene, to downtown, past Schlitterbahn and back to Landa Park. Great run with my TNT buddies!!!! Thanks to Steph, Jackie, Don, and Matt. This long run was a training run for the RnR Dallas Half Marathon on March 27th.